Stonecrest citizens start petition to stop Georgia SB 469

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The controversy surrounding SB 469 continues to build in the city of Stonecrest. Citizens have started an online petition to stop Georgia Senate Bill 469, which would dramatically change the city of Stonecrest’s form of government. Citizens say the bill was put together without hearing from the majority of citizens.

The online petition was shared on Facebook around 4 p.m. today.

The petition comes on the heels of a community meeting held last Thursday by State Senators Emanuel Jones, Tonya Anderson and Gloria Butler, where several citizens voiced opposition to the bill , saying that Stonecrest residents have not had an  opportunity to weigh in on the proposed legislation.

Sen. Jones told citizens at the meeting that “multiple” residents had asked for changes to the city charter. He said SB 469 was in response to those residents’ request and four council members who signed a resolution.  Councilman Jimmy Clanton said, however, he was not aware of any resolution being signed by the City Council.

Mayor Jason Lary also raised concerns about the resolution, saying that the document would have required his signature and the City Clerk’s signature.

“How is it possible for Sen. Emanuel Jones to receive a resolution without being attested by the city clerk and signed by the mayo, neither of which happened? I will be formally requesting a copy of that document from his office,” Lary said.

The petition cites the following objections to the bill, among other things:

  • Removing the Mayor’s executive powers. The unelected City Manager would be the city’s chief executive, but, in a disrupting way, could be removed by city council at any time.
  • Removing the mayor from city council making his role ceremonial only (“kissing babies and cutting ribbons”)
  • Creating a Council President elected by the city council and NOT the citizens of Stonecrest.

“Most disturbing of all, these changes would be made with NO INPUT FROM THE MAJORITY OF STONECREST CITIZENS,” the petition states.

The following citizens have commented on the proposed bill.

Dave Marcus

Mar 09, 2020

This bill is gross overkill, and the Senators representing Stonecrest should be ashamed that they arbitrarily put this together without asking residents in any way what needed fixing and what they would like to see.

Brian Caswell

Mar 09, 2020

The City of Stonecrest voted the Major in to be the Major of the City. Citizens that want to change that can vote again next election but I am not in favor of change how the City of Stonecrest is ran after voter’s voted.

Julius Lee

Mar 09, 2020

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article 3-6-2020 in the Metro section ‘”PROPOSAL WOULD BE A ‘KILLER’ FOR MAYOR” – No the proposal would be a ‘killer’ for the City of Stonecrest!” Let’s not let four city council members achieve a political coup which will jeopardize the major economic development projects in the near future.

Bill Bruckner

Mar 09, 2020

Citizens have the right to determine how their city should be run without interference from people who don’t even live in the city. If a state official has reason to think changes need to be made, then call a referendum of the people.




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  • Jackie Alexander

    March 10, 2020 at 12:34 am

    Those four fools for council members Jazzmin Cobble, George Turner, Rob Turner and Tammy Grimes should lose their seats for follow vindictive Emmanual Jones. I’m most disappointed in Tammy Grimes. She’s just a “school girl” follower.


  • Minister Richard Stone

    April 3, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    It appears that your paper fails to mention the fact that there is also a petition supporting SB 469; because we want a responsive local government that meets our needs, we want well-lit streets, without potholes;. A city that will do the little things to make our lives better. The City of Stonecrest is not a fortune 500 company and it can not be run as such.


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